I’ll spin a yarn…

yarn [VERB] along, often elaborate, narrative story of real or fictitious adventures; an entertaining tale

yarn [NOUN]      strand of twisted threads of natural or synthetic fibers, used in knitting and crocheting. 



Modernised  patterns of winter hats became very popular and taken for granted. Additionally, after Millennium Stroke, the bobble hat has become very popular with some celebrities and stars.

When the weather turns chilly, you would need a knitted ear warmer through the cold winter months. Knitted stuff is very practical for traveling. Moreover, hats insulate from the harsh weather.

Bow Tie. So Little, So Much…

Bow Tie is an elegant and sophisticated choice to accessorise your style and reflect your personality.  Moreover, bow ties are now more about breaking conventions than ever before…

A bow tie is a type of traditional necktie and it’s originated among Croatian mercenaries, who used a scarf around the neck to hold together the opening of their shirts. This was soon adopted by the upper classes in France, where the cravat gave rise to the bow tie.

two tone bow-tie

Bow ties were adopted by the upper classes in France. Nevertheless, invented in Croatia.

Autumnal Restyling

I hope EVERYONE enjoyed the ‘going-off’ summer and had an amazing time. Nevertheless, cold months are coming up, ruthlessly.

Autumn is hanging about, therefore I decided to revamp some features of my Lee Jeans jacket to give an estivo-autumnal attitude to it. My design was simple, a mixture of Jeans & Tweed.

Hope You Like It!

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Let’s get started with a picture of my jeans jacket before revamping.



In 1848, in California a Gold Rush began. Among dynamites and other things, miners (gold diggers) needed strong clothes, that could withstand hard work! A number of years later, this piece of fabric became a fashion craving, that lasts for 146 years!

In 1851 Levi Strauss came from Germany to NY, to his brother who held dry goods business. As he heard about the Gold Rush, he went to San Francisco (1853) to establish Western Branch of the family business.

Gold diggers from California are called #forty-niners

One of Levi’s customers was Jacob W. Davis – a tailor from Nevada, who tried to make pants that could resist rough working conditions.
Davis was making functional items, such as tents, wagon covers or horse blankets. One of the forty-niners (gold diggers) ordered a pair of pants that could resist hard work. And he made it…

Trousers were made of denim, that Davis bought from Levi Strauss & Co. He made them stronger, by placing copper rivets in the spots where pants rip the most.

Davis convinced Levi Strauss to apply for a patent for producing the most durable clothes at that time ! Since then Levi Strauss and Jacob W. Davis became partners.

LABEL vs Fast Fashion

  When it comes to the subject of fashion, it’s worth to mention its problem – a waste! We think we’re all aware, that fashion industry is known as one of the most pollutive ones. Tons and tons of clothes are being bought and very quickly binned and easily forgotten. 

Photo Editor-20180310_142901.jpg

   The media are full of information about pesticides used in cotton farms and sewage piping into water, or chemicals used to dye fabrics. But the truth is, what can we do if we only can afford fast fashion clothes, when sometimes that’s our only option? This is when the conflict begins. 


Usually, we can’t afford to buy Gucci, but we also don’t want to be a part of conscience attack on Mother Earth. Where is the compromise, or the happy medium? To find the answer for that question we need to look back at the history and find out if this problem occurred in the past…


Well, it didn’t. In the past, people appreciated the quality of fabric and its durability. Many successful dressmakers and tailors satisfied people around the World. Thomas Burberry supplied the entire British Royal Navy, Christian Dior and Coco Chanel opened women’s eyes for modishness of their world. Giovanni Versace distinguished chic and style from kitsch.


All mentioned fashionistas (entrepreneurs) started as Crafters to get attention around potential clients. They didn’t become famous in the blink of an eye, though. They worked really hard to earn their recognition. Nowadays many dressmakers, tailors, shoemakers or sewing machinists use high quality fabrics and make handmade products. And thanks to the power of the Internet, they can get appreciation, equal to those on the top, even if it’s only the beginning of their careers.

So, maybe it’s a good idea to start using Etsy, instead of Ebay or ASOS. We believe, we are going to experience a big change soon. Perhaps finally handcraft will become more valuable as it used to be in the past, rather than sale in bulk.


Shall we dance?

I love dancing. Even, when I cook I always do a little dance around the kitchen. I don’t wanna brag, but my legs are never sore from dancin

So, did I mention that I love to dance? I really do. Everybody does (!) and everybody can! But, sometimes some of us don’t have any idea how to start with it. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? If yes, here I am to give you some precious tips 🙂 All you need to do is to sway and to hold sway over the rhythm and obstacles. 😉 Usually, dance music is very catchy, so listen to it and find the right rhythm. Let’s get started!

piotr2 p-1_7.gif


You need to look forward and predict (literally intend) your moves. Getting perception of your space helps in avoiding obstacles on the dance floor (pillars, walls) and also prevents from nudging other dancers.


Of course, you are the one who leads in dance, but surely you don’t want to step on your partner’s toes. There is my advice – keep your feet far away from your partner! Nevertheless, try to pull your body forward, therefore you will be still close enough to her/him. 🙂


When it went so far, and you both are already on the dance floor, I’ll give you the last hint, which is spinning your partner :).
Before you are going to make her/him spin, lift your hand above your partner’s head. It gives a firm axis of rotation and much more space for a spin 🙂

Please, don’t spin your partner more than (let’s say) three times in a row. I think, spinning around, on and on, can be devastating.

piotr2 p_2.gif

We all know there are lots of different types of dance. Why don’t you come up with your own dance, though? Believe me, there is always somebody, who will be inspired by your personal charisma and follow you out there, on the dance floor! 🙂 It’s only dancing, after all, whether you really love it! Therefore, stand for it (!) and gather your confidence together, because what really counts, is that moment when you encourage yourself to that question – ‘Shall we dance?’ .

by Pi_otr 😉

piotr2 p-1_6.gif

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I cursed myself….

There was a time, fifteen years ago (I was 14), when my living space (shared with my brother at that time) was clean and totally dust-free. My garments were organised according to (firstly) the type of textile and (secondly) to the colour. It’s not like I’ve always liked fashion, but rather to look neat in tidy surroundings.

So, fifteen years ago, during ordinary X-mas shopping with my father, something called my name. A winter jacket. It wasn’t cheap, but I had to have it, so I proposed a deal to my Dad, that I would wear it until I graduate from Uni. And then my curse started. All those 15 years later, I am still wearing this jacket, therefore, you can imagine that my education still lasts. Nevertheless, after such a long time with my oldest piece of garment, to let it go and buy another one – seems incomprehensible to me. So, am I really cursed, or am I just sentimental ?