I cursed myself….

There was a time, fifteen years ago (I was 14), when my living space (shared with my brother at that time) was clean and totally dust-free. My garments were organised according to (firstly) the type of textile and (secondly) to the colour. It’s not like I’ve always liked fashion, but rather to look neat in tidy surroundings.

So, fifteen years ago, during ordinary X-mas shopping with my father, something called my name. A winter jacket. It wasn’t cheap, but I had to have it, so I proposed a deal to my Dad, that I would wear it until I graduate from Uni. And then my curse started. All those 15 years later, I am still wearing this jacket, therefore, you can imagine that my education still lasts. Nevertheless, after such a long time with my oldest piece of garment, to let it go and buy another one – seems incomprehensible to me. So, am I really cursed, or am I just sentimental ?

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42 thoughts on “I cursed myself….

  1. Cursed? NAW! i save my most valued stuff (ragged but means a lot) for special occasions! 😀 Seriously, my wife and I both have articles of clothing that have great meaning to us—like her wedding dress (not ragged) and a certain hoodie (which is).

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  2. This is so great! We live in such a throw-away society, especially when it comes to clothes. I am also trying to invest in better quality and wear my clothes for longer. And a great winter coat is the best investment!

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  3. If it ain’t falling apart, and you still love it, wear it in good health.
    OTOH, if it IS falling apart…
    I bought a shearling coat in 2002, the first year I got a decently paying job. It was the most money I had ever spent on a garment, and I was determined I was going to make it last. It was my armor against cold for sixteen winters. Yesterday I noticed an inch-long tear in the elbow – not in a seam, which would be easily mendable – right through the leather. I wanted to pronounce a eulogy…

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    1. So did I!😉 maybe some clothes worth their prices. Maybe fast fashion (cheap fashion) should finish its existing, It brings only economic inequality around the world and the cluttering of the globe. Maybe we ,people, should invest in garment that can withstand to the last😄

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  4. I was about 15 when I asked my mum to buy me American army style winter coat / jacket. I wore it for years … loved it and all … one year well into my 20s I look for it at home and my mum tells me that gran burnt it in her furnace! yeah right … more like mum had enough of my beloved coat …what do I do? look for replacement of a green army style coat only last year I think I found a coat that can live up to expectations (I am in my 30s now) … sentimental? perhaps … I still have pictures of my old coat …. thanks for sharing 🙂

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  5. How about just getting your money’s worth? Your cost to wear ratio is stellar. Also, that you are still wearing it all these years later is a testimony to how well you care for your purchases.

    If only more people should be ‘cursed’ as you have been! This is the beautiful opposite of conspicuous consumption that feeds mountains of clothing waste produced each year.

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  6. We should all be so cursed. Or rather blessed? I’ve had the same feelings on some garments I’ve had over many years. It’s ok. Quality never goes out of style. Keep wearing it as long as you can.
    Oh, and thank your Dad. 😉 Let’s all think more #slowfashion .
    (I still organise my closet by colour 😉 ~cheers

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    1. This post is from last year (2018) so now it’s 15 years ago . Sorry for confusing 😘 At least and at last, it’s a nice thing that you are engaged in our blog. Thanks for sharing and your feedback😘


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