Shall we dance?

I love dancing. Even, when I cook I always do a little dance around the kitchen. I don’t wanna brag, but my legs are never sore from dancin

So, did I mention that I love to dance? I really do. Everybody does (!) and everybody can! But, sometimes some of us don’t have any idea how to start with it. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? If yes, here I am to give you some precious tips 🙂 All you need to do is to sway and to hold sway over the rhythm and obstacles. 😉 Usually, dance music is very catchy, so listen to it and find the right rhythm. Let’s get started!

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You need to look forward and predict (literally intend) your moves. Getting perception of your space helps in avoiding obstacles on the dance floor (pillars, walls) and also prevents from nudging other dancers.


Of course, you are the one who leads in dance, but surely you don’t want to step on your partner’s toes. There is my advice – keep your feet far away from your partner! Nevertheless, try to pull your body forward, therefore you will be still close enough to her/him. 🙂


When it went so far, and you both are already on the dance floor, I’ll give you the last hint, which is spinning your partner :).
Before you are going to make her/him spin, lift your hand above your partner’s head. It gives a firm axis of rotation and much more space for a spin 🙂

Please, don’t spin your partner more than (let’s say) three times in a row. I think, spinning around, on and on, can be devastating.

piotr2 p_2.gif

We all know there are lots of different types of dance. Why don’t you come up with your own dance, though? Believe me, there is always somebody, who will be inspired by your personal charisma and follow you out there, on the dance floor! 🙂 It’s only dancing, after all, whether you really love it! Therefore, stand for it (!) and gather your confidence together, because what really counts, is that moment when you encourage yourself to that question – ‘Shall we dance?’ .

by Pi_otr 😉

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16 thoughts on “Shall we dance?

  1. All the tips you mentioned are so very helpful! Personally, I think that it is all about your confidence. I honestly can’t think of anyone who doesn’t dance when they’re all alone. When your jam comes on, there is nothing more needed 🙂
    Speaking of jam, what song has been your favourite one recently? 😉

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  2. This was just lovely to read AND watch!!!! I teach hip hop dance and I love that you even dance in your kitchen!!! Everyone can dance…they just need to start slow…learn the steps before they “go for it”!!! This was an awesome post!!! THANK YO!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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