Tweedy Greedy Harris Tweed

tweedy/ˈtwiː.di/– (adj) well dressed , mainly used in UK ,to describe well dressed people, or the life of reach people with homes in the countryside and an interest in horses, dogs, hunting and the rest of green-welly brigade.

Hi Everyone!


It’s been a while since we posted anything on our blog. Recently, we’ve been busy more than ever, due to our New Born Baby. But, we are back. We’ll try to catch up more often than before, with updates about our passion for fashion. As we mentioned before we are located in Perth, the Heart of Scotland. (Click here, to visit I’ll spin a yarn) Therefore, we’ve taken a closer look into Scottish traditional tartan. It’s been quite fashionable since always, but even more appreciated throughout seasons of 2018/2019.

What we came across within ‘tartan research’ was Tweed, Harris Tweed, in which we fell in love with. Very classy textile, woven on Isles of Harris – one of the Scottish Islands. If you are going to work on tweed, please do not hesitate to choose Harris Tweed textiles. It was a pleasure to work on these luxurious materials. It’s not a cheap fabric, but definitely worth of its price.

Harris Tweed is made from 100% virgin wool, dyed, spun and hand-woven by the islanders at their own homes and finished in the Outer Hebrides. ”


This Scottish textile belong to the most desirable fabrics in the world, where, as the only one, is protected by an Act of Parliament. Also(!), ‘All Harris Tweed (fabrics) …, must be, by law, hand woven on a treadle loom by the weaver at his own home’.

Harris Tweed company works hard, not only to create unique fabric, but works even harder to protect its brand. Whoever uses the fabric for own purposes (freelancers etc.), have to make sure the product consists of Harris Tweed label, only when it’s made of more than 50% of the Harris Tweed fabric. There is no other way! And why not? Why not share with world, who is responsible for something that great! And… why not earn more enthusiasts by it.





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